The Life Cycle of the Common Liver Fluke

This was a hypothetical informational poster for raising awareness of the common liver fluke (fasciola hepatica), which threatens the health of humans and cattle. One primary goal was to present the life cycle without relying on the traditional circular layout.

The following image is my preliminary sketch for the project. At this point, the layout has taken a primarily triangular composition.


So far the composition is looking pretty interesting, but it is a little hard to figure out which text blurb is meant to be read first, second, and last. 

The final composition (seen below) resolved this by giving the viewer a clear, top-to-bottom direction in which to read the text. At the same time, the corresponding insets are a clear call-back to the traditional circle without relying on it entirely.


The Life Cycle of the Common Liver Fluke

Pixologic Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

This image is meant to be displayed as a large poster. If you would like to purchase a poster or full-resolution digital copy of this image, please contact me at or click here to be redirected to the Contact section of my website.