The DivaCup Package Redesign

The DivaCup is a mentsrual cup which eliminates the need for disposable products such as tampons. Despite its innovative qualities and adult purpose, the current packaging (seen below) looks like it belongs in the girls' toy aisle.

The first step in the process was to acquire and disassemble a DivaCup package.

My goal was to rethink the design without compromising the DivaCup logo or important text. Based on my interpretation of the salient aspects of the product, I decided to keep these three words in mind: fresh, eco-friendly, and feminine. I decided to use the flowers in the logo as a theme element and picked the green color in the dot on the "i."

green and flowers no guides cropped.jpg

Finally, I 3D modeled a DivaCup and its package in Autodesk 3ds Max, making sure that the window to view the product was open. After lighting and rendering the scene, it turned out quite well!