Anti-HIV Implant Informational Marketing Material

These illustrations were created for the lab of Dr. Tom Hope of Northwestern Medicine. The lab needed marketing material to gauge interest in an implant that would slowly release anti-HIV medication over a long period of time, and it was necessary to educate the target audience on the insertion and removal process. Because this procedure is hypothetical the lab commissioned an artist's rendition. This illustration project had a short turnaround time of about eight days, which was easily accomplished with regular and reliable contact with the project coordinator. 

A higher level of realism was necessary in order to give the marketing subjects an accurate idea of what the procedure would entail. Therefore, all elements of the procedure were depicted, including surgical instruments and the hands of the medical professional. The lab provided language for each step, as well as videos of similar procedures for reference.

The images were likely going to be shown on an iPad or computer screen. I decided to create individual images of each step so that the lab could present them in a slideshow, as well as give them the ability to include or exclude steps as they see fit. 


I also decided to create two 8.5"x11" sheets in case they needed to print the illustrations, as seen below.  Click images to enlarge.


The target audience likely includes people who are not familiar with implant insertion procedures such as this; I therefore recommended the creation of an additional diagram depicting how deep the implant goes within the arm. I decided to use a simple, straightforward style in order to maximize clarity, as seen below.